Installing Demo Data

Fancy Lab comes with demo data that you can install in order to make your theme look like the theme's screenshot.png file. Follow the steps below if you want to install demo data.

  • Click on "Begin installing plugin".

  • Install the plugin called "One Click Demo Import".

  • Click on "Return to Required Plugins Installer".

  • Activate the plugin.

  • Return to the WordPress dashboard

  • Click on Appearance -> Import Demo Data

You can choose between a manual import and an automatic import (recommended).

Both processes won't delete any existing post, page, category, images, custom post type or any other data. The process will only create new posts, pages, images, widgets, menus and theme settings.

  • Click on "Import Demo Data" once and wait until you see the following message:

Don't click the "Import Demo Data" more than once! Sometimes the import process can take longer because the theme needs to create thumbnails for all of the images. Just be patient.

Further Steps

After importing the demo data, you need to set up your WooCommerce shop if it's the first time you install WooCommerce on your site. Otherwise, some of the links won't work.

Go to WooCommerce -> Settings and configure at least these items:

  • General guide: set your store information

  • Product guide: assign a shop page, choosing a page called "Shop"

  • Advanced guide: assign cart, checkout and my account pages


Problems during importing

In some occasions the import will fail due to some permission issues. If that is the case, you can try to do the following. Open your config.php file and, above the line that says:

/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

Add the following:


If the menus are not automatically assigned during import, follow these steps:

  • Go to Appearence -> Menus

  • Click on "Manage locations" and assign each menu according to the image below:

Filter by Price widget not displaying

This issue is caused by WooCommerce or by the importer. It does not have to do with the theme.

For some reason, the widget is not able to recognise the product prices. You can force it to get the price range by going to WooCommerce -> Status -> Tools tab. Under "Product lookup tables", simply click the "Regenerate" button. The WooCommerce product lookup table, once empty, will be recreated.

Widget areas move/inactive after theme switch

There's nothing we can do about that, unfortunately. It seems like that's the way WordPress behaves.

You can see more info here:‚Äč